Project 52: A Prelude

There are days (or nights) where I get a huge burst of creativity, so I always carry with me a handy sketch book, a pencil, coloured pen and some inking tools.  I would mostly draw anime stuff but lately, I’ve been trying out faces and portraits.  I’m still struggling though but I hope I get more creative inspiration next year and do better sketches.

So here are a few of the stuff I did yesterday.  I tried to do post processing in my lappy but I realised that I dont have a good photo editor yet.  Oh well, I’ll get that soon.

Fast DoodleThis one is a real fast self portrait.  I did it in like under two minutes.  As you can see, I have problems with proportions whenever I get to do something other than anime.



Another one of my weak points would be circles.  So I’m now practicing with spirals and hopefully my circles would no longer be ovals.

Profile Doodle


Here is another case of proportions.  My forehead seemed so small here.  But another thing that I struggle on would be drawing ears.  As you can see here, I dropped it.

A 365 project would be hard and unrealistic for me.  But I am really looking forward to doing a 52 project instead.  So goodluck to me!


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