Starting The Year With A Bang!

At the start of the year, I did two bold things.

First, I greeted my long time crush a Happy New Year in Facebook.  I’ve been stalking him for years but never managed to say a single word to him.  I’ve always been the silent and distant admirer.  Gosh, it’s embarrassing because I’m thirty and I’m acting like I’m sixteen!  So after all the dust have settled, I messaged him: “Hey, Happy New Year!”  That’s how far my sudden burst of courage took me.  Well he didn’t return the greeting.  I wasn’t expecting it though, he probably have a zillion admirers greeting him and mine was just not that noticeable.  Oh well!

The second one is probably a bit more juicy and risque.  Bored and all alone, my earthly desires suddenly felt the need to knock on my door.  So I opened Grindr to search for the lucky guy who will scratch the itch.  I had several prospects, the first one is a balikbayan from the UK who got my attention with his naked poses.  He lives several building away but was acting all diva so I dropped him.  Others were ok but there were just so far until a twink from the next building struck my fancy.  He suggested to do the deed at the roofdeck!  I’m pretty conservative when it comes to sex so I’d normally say no to doing it in public places but I was powerless and said yes immediately.  The rest is history.

Well, that put a smile on my face.



One thought on “Starting The Year With A Bang!

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